Game Empire Pasadena January 17th-18th 2015

7th annual West Coast Quake 

We would like to give thanks to everyone for your support and dedication. We have a new sponsor, Game Empire Pasadena, see the travel page for location and details. I am frantically getting everything up and running. All the goodies are in various stages of completion. Raising the Bar yet again! The new schedule worked, We will have everyone free by 7 pm or earlier each day.

grandstand and dugout       grandstand

Money orders will be accepted for registration & great swag from past tournaments. All questions about goodies orders and special requests should be directed to As you know the cost of the event is far less than the actual cost of the goodies being given out. If you wish to buy the goodies without entering the event you may, the real cost is reflected below. The $25 fee is for Attending Players only. If you register and find that life interferes and you cannot attend we will bill you for the difference (which includes shipping)and send your Goodies packet to you.


PLEASE NOTE: The registration price of $25 including the goodie pack is only available to tournament entrants who will be attending the West Coast Quake and playing the games. The goodies themselves cost far more than $25 to produce, but providing them at less than our cost to coaches in attendance is our way of saying, "Thanks for coming!" We regret to inform coaches who wish to get hold of some or all of the goodies without actually attending the Quake that they will need to wait until after Quake is done; once we've been able to tally our final costs as well as get a final count as to how many of each goodie item we have left, the goodies will be made available for sale at prices we shall try to keep affordable while still being in line with actual production costs. We appreciate your understanding.

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