2010 West Coast Quake Goodies Pack

Money orders will be accepted, as well as combined orders for a reduced total shipping cost. All questions about goodies orders and special requests should be directed to daloonieshaman@gmail.com. As you know, the cost of the event is far less than the actual cost of the goodies being given out. If you wish to buy the goodies without entering the event, you may; the real cost is reflected below. The $25 fee is for Attending Players only. If you register and find that life interferes and you cannot attend we will bill you for the difference (which includes shipping)and send your Goodies packet to you.


Register today to guarantee your entry in the hottest Blood Bowl tournament in the Western US!

Attending Coaches will receive:

Custom Pitch sheet, Support Dice, Custom Sew on Patch, Custom Limited edition Figure, Custom Dugout, Custom Score, Reroll, and Turn Markers, Special Custom Item (free for those who pre-register) (we may find more things to give away by the time of the event so check back often.(if there are any changes it will be posted here)

West Coast Quake limited edition pitch
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Click HERE for large (1400x978, 492kb) version.

2010 West Coast Quake pitch Sheet:

The 2010 poster pitch sheet is printed with high-resolution graphics and sealed to prevent unnecessary wear. This created a pitch that you may roll into a tube for ease of traveling. The sealed pitch is water resistant to small spills. The pitch features WCQ logos and titles, parchment-stylized score counter tracks, a scatter tile, customized weather markers, and a variety of BB-centric advert banners. The squares measure 29mm per side, with a total field size matching GW's pitch. The graphics are so crisp that you can see the individual blades of grass on the pitch. Finally a Blood Bowl pitch in HD.

Original pitch design by mrbrownesquire of the talkfantasyfootball forums, including advertisement spoofs by Sp0n at talkFantasyFootball. West Coast Quake logos, graphics, titles, and customizations by Lahatiel of TalkFantasyFootball: your humble WCQ webmaster and former commisioner of FABBL.

Angelica Hellespont sculpt

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Angelica Hellespont, Witch Elf Sideline Reporter:

Angelica Hellespont was a famous and successful Witch Elf player, who specialized in shoving opposing players off the pitch and into the rabid crowd. Unfortunately for Angelica, her playing days came to end when she, herself, was pushed off after one such play in which she dawdled too long on the sideline. She managed to free herself from the fans' clutches -- killing a dozen of them in a blood rage tends to frighten off the rest -- but suffered and irreparable shoulder injury in the process. Fortunately for us, the viewers, however, the tragic incident did not entirely end her Blood Bowl days. ESPN, the Extra-Sensory Perception Network, had already taken note of Hellespont's considerable "assets" -- and the increased ratings inspired thereby! -- during its broadcasts of her games. The network immediately signed her and put her in front of the crystal balls in another capacity, as its roving sideline reporter. Her evil beauty keeps the viewers tuned in, while her frenzied nature means she always gets her story!

Angelica Hellespont concept by Lahatiel and Daloonieshaman, with character design, sculpting and production by Lahatiel.


The West Coast Quake dugout is a high-quality collectors item printed on oversize postcard material. (Hey you can put a stamp on it and mail it to your buddy) The Turn and Reroll tracks bring back the good ole days and the dungeon tiles for the dugout sections are similar to various games floor plans.

Designed by Frank, he readily admits that he simply ran out of time and wasn't able to include as many little details and small touches as he'd intended... but that just gives us something to improve upon for 2011! (pdf)Reroll_Turn_Card.pdf

Score Reroll and Turn markers:

Three different poker chip tokens, each in a different style of our red/white color scheme, with the West Coast Quake logo on one side and "SCORE" "REROLL" or "TURN" on the other.

West Coast Quake logo and label design by Lahatiel and Frank.


West Coast Quake tournament patch

Tournament Patch:

A sew-on patch commemorating the NAF-sanctioned West Coast Quake Blood Bowl tournament, designed by Jason Windass of FABBL.

As 2009 & 2010 players commented, "This is really a top notch patch!"

West Coast Quake support dice

Support dice:

West Coast Quake coaches receive a full set of the non-blocking dice needed for Blood Bowl -- 2d6, d8, and d16 -- in their choice of six colors, so as to best match their team's colors.

We still have some 2009 support kits please go here to order yours today: 2009 goodies!