2011 West Coast Quake Goodies Pack

As usual we are going all out for you! We have a great selection of entry items as well as a few nick knacks that may be given out during the Quake. 


2011 Special Edition Range Ruler:

The 2011 Special Edition West Coast Quake Range Ruler is of regulation length and width. The Range Ruler is not as thick as the standard version, (do to the problems with printing in the US) but the quality is bar none. The Range ruler includes all of the standard features including, the 4 ranges and modifiers of throwing, center line to correctly access interceptions (almost impossible with the square chart) and we have included the Side Out template. As you know we did not need the Scatter template as it is incorporated on our pitch. Range Ruler was designed by Lahatiel. Printing by Shacpo Printing, inc.



Special Figure information:

The 2011 West Coast Quake figure: Chaos Cheerleader, is a long overdue correction of the goose stepping mistake release by Granny Wendy. All previews have been overwhelming positive with a wealth of affection for this figure. As with all West Coast Quake Limited edition figures, the Chaos Cheerleader is insured it's rarity. We limit our run to 100 figures and there will be additional cast as the molds are destroyed. Less than 3% of all registered blood bowl players will own this figure. this is a collector's treasure and as the public becomes more aware of the Cheerleader and it's high quality, his value will increase. (yes he is wearing a college lettermen's jacket)


The Chaos Cheerleader was sculpted by none other than Patrick Keith


The West Coast Quake dugout

Designed by Pug, he readily poured his heart into it.

West Coast Quake tournament patch

Tournament Patch:

A sew-on patch commemorating the NAF-sanctioned West Coast Quake Blood Bowl tournament, designed by Jason Windass of FABBL.

As 2009 & 2010 players commented, "This is really a top notch patch!"

West Coast Quake support dice

Support dice:

West Coast Quake coaches receive a full set of the non-blocking dice needed for Blood Bowl -- 2d6, d8, and d16 -- in their choice of six colors, so as to best match their team's colors.