2017 West Coast Quake Rules

January 14th - 15th 2017

Can you survive the big one?

#1 Have Fun, be respectful of the house and each other

#2 Cost $25
Register Today!
Benefits of pre-registration:
Get your 2017 Resin Stadium Section

Please send me your rosters ASAP

here is a nice online team builder little army designer

#3 Team Package:

1.1mil gold pieces Team Value
you must have 11+ players before Stars (Your rosters is the same for all 6 games)
You may buy skills/stats using your part of your 1.1mil treasury limited to a max of 50K per player (yes you may give all your Amazon players Block if you can afford it)
All Inducements allowed, INCLUDING!!! cards. 

**Cards** you will start each game with 100k in free cards (plus any you induce).  (Limit is 5 cards) <we will be using the classic card deck not the new ones in the up coming box>

All 24 Teams allowed (this includes the 3 additional teams (Slann, Chaos Pact, Underworld) KHORNE NOT ALLOWED!
CRP rules set 
This is a Resurrection style Tournament so no long term injuries or SPPs, Undead must release a Zombie from a Kill at the end of the game.
6 Games over 2 days.
Top 4 players at the end of game 5 play for 1st place, "The Right Stuff" is also contested by the top 2 stunty teams (or 4 if we have at least 4). (must have at least 2 Stunty Teams)
(The stunty teams are: Ogre, Halfling, Goblin, Lizardmen (no saurus), underworld (no skaven), Hobgoblins)

#4 Customs:

No illegal procedure
Numbers front and back of base
Painted Figs
NAF/GW blocking dice only, WCQ tournament d6 only
You may take back a move if no dice were thrown
If you forget a skill to bad, you must roll for a forgotten Trait.
Re-roll any thought of a cocked die
Keep track of all foul attempts for the Dirty Player award
ALL casualties count from BLOCKING DICE ROLLS for the MOST BRUTAL award
Keep track of all passing action attempts for the DOOM DIVER award (yes this includes throw teammate)
Timers are not used unless we need to get you to get you butt in gear

#6 Match ups & Standings:
Record (W/T/L)
tie breakers:
Head to Head
Casualties + TD

Passing Attempts + Fouls 

Swiss Pool by overall record

#7 Record Keeping:

We Award Fouls, Td's, Casualties, Passing Attempts
Doom Diver record keeping:  Mark 1 attempt for quick snap or short pass or eaten player, Mark 2 attempts for a long pass, mark 3 attempts for a Long Bomb, even if the pass is intercepted. (do not mark fumbles)

#8 What you Need:

A painted team
(whose players clearly represent their position on your Blood Bowl team.) (if you have a team from the new Blood Bowl box it does not have to be painted but you must still have numbers)
Some Roster sheets with your NAF Name and Number
NAF/GW Blocking Die

Special Play Card Deck (if you do not have a deck will have have some for sale $27)

(Money to buy cool stuff)

#9 NAF:
You do not have to be a NAF member to play.
We encourage you to Join NAF and even renew your membership:
Access to great free online support stuff like STARS or QUILT
Another informative resource about Blood Bowl
Local and Worldwide rank and standing for each team or you as a whole. (You and your opponent get ranking points just for playing)
Access to information about 100's of tournaments worldwide and direct access to those running it
NAF membership for each year is only $10
and yes you do get the cool NAF STUFF

Your normal dice (bring your NAF blocking dice)
Your turn/score/re-roll counters (got em)
Your Rules (provided)
Your Range Ruler (you will get this free)
Your Templates (on the board and range ruler)
Your 6000 other teams
Your Attitude (unless you are in sporty kickass mode)

#11 Schedule:


9:30am Be There

10am-12:15pm Game 1

12:30pm-2:45pm Game 2

3:30pm-5:45pm Game 3

***We may play 4 games in day 1 TBD***


9:00am Be There

9:30am-11:45am Game 1

12pm-2:15pm Game 2

3pm-5:15pm Game 3

5:45pm presentation of Awards and Prizes

#12 FOUL!

Then foul again. EVERY foul counts!

#13 Prizes and Awards:

We have a slew of Awards and a TON of prizes. Game Empire is also throwing us a bunch of  store credit (THANK YOU GE!)

Everyone is a great player but we do not really care for ball hogs, with that said ...

If  you win:

1st, 2nd, 3rd, or Stunty,  you will not be eligible for some of the other "big" awards.

#14 Title Games:

The top 4 players will play in order (1 v/s 4 & 3/vs 2)   3rd and additional placement will be decided by final Record 

see you there....